We are always very attentive to the many talents that we can find in Dubai and we wanted today to make you discover the artist Dozi, whom we had the chance to meet a few years ago. While we visited his studio, the artist kindly took the time to present us some of his work and his latest creations on canvas. 

We were directly very sensitive to Dozi’s illustration touch, and especially the drawings he wanted to show us. The canvases visible in his studio that day had a very Pop Art spirit, but what touched us most was his work in black and white where his passion for space and fantasy, which legitimizes well his nickname « Dozi Dream ».

We were impressed by his openness, his kindness and his generosity, which is reflected in his illustrations. We will keep a close eye on this talented artist and hope to have other opportunities to meet him and view his artwork.

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Dozi illustration
Dozi, portrait, art, black and white, studio
Dozi Portrait
Dozi, dream, canvas, art, street, urban
Dozi graffiti productions
Dozi, street artist, illustrator, Arab
Dozi dream street artist