Dubai Fashion Shooting

Sometimes, we collaborate with medias and magazine for special commissions. The magazine based in Dubai asked for us to realize a background in a urban and street art spirit. The project was very urgent and we had not too much time. So we had to be very reactive to work with the journalist and the photographer.
The idea was to create an original composition, with graffiti letters, pieces of jewelry and leather goods.
Dubai is a very interesting where some famous brands and medias are ready to propose original and ambitious creation.
The shooting took place in a nice studio on Al Abraj Street.

The success of Street art movement in recent years has generated all kinds of creations and collaborations mixing urban spirit and fashion. There are few projects where we can observe that an effort of coherence and style has been made. It is clear that finesse and accuracy are not always refined. At Street Artist Dubai, we care about the compatibility and coherence between the brand or media we collaborate with, but also the accuracy of the subject and the technique used.
The artwork and graffiti creations can be a very interesting element of composition for all kinds of installations and product presentations. Why settle for a uniform and boring background when you have the possibility of having live and original messages, lettering and patterns painted with a spray paint? This mixture of techniques also offers the possibility of obtaining textures and renderings that bring more personality and details to the image in a shooting configuration as it is the case here. The products with which our graffiti illustration had to coexist were fashion pieces and jewelery from major luxury brands, as can be found in Dubai’s shops, jewelers, and shopping centers Maje, Dolce&Gabanna, Louis Vuitton…

The theme of this photo shoot was love… Great subject that has inspired and inspire many generations of photographers and creative people of all kinds. In agreement with the journalist and the photographer of this shot, we chose to use typographic elements very « classic » to graffiti and universal symbols like the heart in a curvy illustration using only black and white and spikes of yellow to « acidify » this creation Street Art. The yellow color can also highlight the golden materials found in many objects and elements of this fashion shoot.
We particularly like this type of project where universes very « opposite » come together, combine for a result as original as unexpected.
We are convinced that a collaboration such as this one is a small step and that it is possible to go even further creatively. It’s a safe bet that we will have the opportunity to go even further in a future project where it will be question of staging graffiti and fashion accessories / jewelry.

ClientDubai Fashion MagazineServicesShooting decorationYear2017

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