Zadig & Voltaire Abu Dhabi

Zadig & Voltaire is a great brand with beautiful products and matters. We are always honored to collaborate with Zadig & Voltaire on events live shows. On each project, it’s very important for us to take the time to think about the performance and all the details : space configuration, light, technic used and appropriate tools.
That kind of live demonstrations have to be realize very quickly ( around 4/5 minutes per piece).
So we were ready when customers entered to the shop and asked for a unique drawing signed by the street artist.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of forms that are closely related to what is known as « Street Art ». It can be very abstract paintings, landscapes, characters, window-dressing but also what is similar to the more « traditional » graffiti from New York. In advertising and corporate communication, we often see brands preferring Street Art creations very illustrative / figurative but in other cases for some other more daring brands, the idea is to get closer to the movement where the art of Lettering is the more important thing. Zadig & Voltaire is a great brand that you can found in several shopping centers and boutiques in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition to offering original and up-to-date products, this brand cultivates a relationship to the base and the transgression that is totally consistent with street graffiti, which is most often represented by lettering and writing.

The device of this animation in a Abu Dhabi’s shop is very simple : we reserve a space of the shop to an artist who will be installed on a table to draw live according to the requests and desires from customers. A simple table and adequate lighting are enough and the installation time of the artist calligrapher / Graffiti artist is quite fast. Of course it is necessary to provide a suitable drawing support that can be very simple as is the case here or the artist drew directly on sheets of paper (of course quality) but we can imagine this type of services on more original supports like leather or objects in volume.

This type of service allows customers to take ownership of the brand’s universe rather than having a manufactured product like any other customer. Thus, he feels unique and has the feeling of having a tailor-made service from a brand that he likes and who knows how to take care of its customers. We are absolutely convinced that the spontaneity and originality of this kind of operation has a bright future and that we will often have the opportunity to work on this type of project in Dubai and in the Middle East region.

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