It’s a good thing to be interested in graffiti / street art in Dubai and throughout the Middle East, but what good is it to think about graffiti in this city if you can not find spray paint ? The city doesn’t yet have a shop specializing in graffiti … It is therefore justified for us and for other artists in our field to ask the following question: Where can we find spray paint for graffiti in Dubai? What brands are available locally and how expensive is it ?

Where to buy spray paint in Dubai ?

In Dubai, whatever your sector of activity, if you look for something you will find it. But when it comes to specific material as is the case for street art and graffiti art, do we really have the choice in Dubai ? The first address you will find is certainly the Canvas Art Store, located inside the Dubai Mall, not far from the main entrance.

What brands of spray cans can you find in Dubai ?

The store offers a fairly wide selection of spray paint brands : Molotow Premium, Belton, Liquitex and even some German Montana Blacks.

However, if you are used to buy cans in Europe (where these brands are all based), you will certainly be impressed by the prices: a spray can easily cost 44 or 50 AED ($ 12 / $ 13 approximately) … But the main problem in our opinion of this shop (which is however quite well supplied) is that you will have big complications to find the colors you need. You definitely will have to adapt your project to the stocks available on place.

Beware of out of stock / unavailable colors

For example, during our last visit there were no black spray cans which gave us difficulties with our project and we had to adapt using other painting technics than the spray cans. The good surprise is that the store has a large choice of liquitex spray cans whose are very healthy. This is the perfect bomb for workshops with a young audience, even if it is very expensive.

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