Monograms Jimmy Choo Dubai

One of the skills that we master most at Graffiti Dubai, and that we have been able to perfect with the projects we had is the personalization by hand on small pieces of leather goods. We are glad to have a team of artists accustomed to work with famous Luxury brands who contact us most of the time for interventions in shop where it is proposed to customers (or guests when it is an event) to draw live under their eyes their name or their initials.

Monograms tradition in luxury

We have been collaborating for many years with MontBlanc which solicits us for events in the Middle East but also in Europe, the USA and sometimes India. This time it was not Montblanc but another brand that we appreciate just as much: Jimmy Choo.
Only the most expert of our artists (as Hakim Idriss) are willing to work for this brand because the intervention requires great technical skills and a perfect mastery of typography. They also don’t have the right to the mistake because they use a very powerful alcohol based paint which penetrates directly in the leather and even more when the initials are painted (it is the case most of the time) below the shoe which besides is not perfectly smooth and therefore more delicate to work.

When the store becomes a Artist’s studio

The device is very simple to set up since the artist only needs a small table and a seat to settle in an area of ​​the store that was dedicated to him/her. We must also provide lighting powerful enough to allow him/her to work on the details without being embarrassed. We recommend installing this workspace at the entrance of the shop to stir up the curiosity of potential customers who pass the point of sale and thus encourage them to return.

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