Nespresso Totebags custom

In order to celebrate the launch of the New Vertuo Espresso Machine, the brand created a beautiful Pop Up in the middle of the Mall of Emirates. Such a beautiful place that you would not be able to miss if you went through the mall. In order to show this new machine and the delicious flavors of coffee that most of us know, Nespresso has chosen to invite journalists, bloggers and also important customers in this privileged space. And to make the experience even more original and personalized for these guests, one of our talented artists had a dedicated space to draw and write on totebags. Of course each guest had the opportunity to leave with his personalized NespressoTotebag … What Else?

Simple device but privileged guests !

A beautiful demonstration through this very simple device proving that we can take care of our prestigious guests through a delicate and artistic attention. Moreover a potentially effective way to make everyone want to share on his social networks the gift he just received. The Totebag is an object that the brands likes to use because it is inexpensive, sometimes environmentally friendly, very suitable for this kind of interventions and above all it becomes a true traveling publicity for the brand in the urban environment.

We really liked this project as the artist, an adept of Arabic calligraphy, particularly took up the challenge of mixing the art of graffiti and Street Art with the letters and inspirations of Arabic calligraphy.

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