Montblanc Unicef Calligraphy New York

Nowadays, there are a lot of collaborations and project between street artists and brands. Of course, we think that it is a good thing for this art and everybody can see that graffiti is starting to be mainstream. In our opinion, there is a bad consequence of this « street art overdose ». Sometimes clients are not well advised and the projects are artistically very « cheap ». It can be because of the artist who doesn’t have really the experience or sensibility to produce sophisticated things. It can also be because of the lack of reflection and preparation upstream of the project.
Simple questions and aspects have to be take up before realization : which colors should be used ? Why ? Which technic could be be best to have the best quality ? Which style is appropriate to the brand state of mind ?

We particularly love to work with the Brand Montblanc because every details are anticipated and prepared before the event. Our approach of hand lettering -even if it comes from street practice and knowledge- is very compatible with Montblanc’s state of mind. Stylish and elegant letters, precise moves…
That night, the event took place in a studio located in the Pier 59 of the wonderfull city of New York. It was a private event only organized for journalist and influent bloggers, in order to present the New Collection in partnership with UNICEF.

We participated to the New MONTBLANC & UNICEF collection launches in New York, Dubaï (of course) and also Mumbai. We saw that everywhere in the world, all customers and guests were very interested to have their own object, personalized with a name, initials or everything they want ! It allow anybody to have a very personal Montblanc product, a unique création with high quality calligraphy. Almost a piece of art in your pocket !

ClientMontblanc / UnicefServicesLive personalizationYear2017

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