Fitness Sports Hall Dubaï

Dubai is a recent a very dynamic city. Everything is moving and towers are growing everywhere everyday. In coherence with this energy very specific to Emirates (We can observe an incredible energy also in Abu Dhabi, with the new Louvre for example !), people are coming from all around the world to participate to this seething with excitement and find opportunities. In general, dynamic people have dynamic lifes, and they are taking care of their body. So has a city like Los Angeles (in another styles), a lot of hall and spaces dedicated to sport / Fitness / crossfire are opening everywhere in the city. Each building have his own place in Dubaï and we think that these spaces are very adapted to produce beautiful murals, creating a particular atmosphere into this premises.
Sometime people are thinking that Dubaï is an synthetic city, without history and culture. Street art can be a nice solution to bring humanity in places where there is life and activity. And it can be so much original than just representing people doing sport… Here is an example of a Crossfit hall located in Dubai, where the owners asked us to represent in black and white au huge vicking face, doing a funny face.
Crossfit is actually an activity very appreciated in the world and id Dubaï too. With a intelligent and effective interior design, owners are showing to their clients that they are taking care of their sportive experience. Not only giving them high technology machines but also with a beautiful and attractive place.

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