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More and more shops (especially in luxury) are thinking about strategies to bring consumers in their stores, organizing events and animations. All these events are very important to create life in the stores and to attract potential customers. In stores rather than online sales. As a result, many fashion brands have contacted us and we though together about different ways to offer a very original and unique service to customers. Two solutions are possible, one being much easier to set up than the other one :

Personalization to order from stores

This is the type of demand that we do more and more but unfortunately it is also the one that is the most restrictive to implement. The first reason that this solution is a complex possibility is that all the logistic depends greatly on the traffic of customers and the type of requests that will be made. The location of the store is very important too. It is therefore necessary to set up a device that can be fast and efficient where all the pieces to be personalized would be harvested in regular frequency (for example twice a week). Then it can be sent to us to our studio and finally realized quickly so that the customer is not dissatisfied. There is also the creative question that the sales assistants have to lock upstream without direct exchanges between the client and the artist: in terms of colors, size, type of patterns etc …. This is an option that is of course possible but is quite complex and therefore more expensive if we consider the volume of pieces that would be produced and the budget that will be allocated.

Live personalization in stores

In our point of view and from our experience, it is by far the most suitable and effective solution. The idea is simply to create a space in the shop to allow an artist to come and settle directly on site and to offer to the customers the customization of their choice in a defined time slot that can be three hours at any time, or a full day if it is necessary. This solution has many advantages: on the one hand the artist is invited only for a defined period. It can potentially make a large number of pieces. Second advantage: it becomes a real marketing operation, an event   something is happening in THIS store. This can stimulate and attract the attention of passersby and visitors to see what is happening – without necessarily triggering an immediate purchase – (although this may happen) but in any case draw attention. And show that this brand is a living brand that is taking care of its consumers. Finally, last point -and not least- the presence of the artist. The brand allows its consumers to be in direct contact with a talented artist and therefore ask him directly what he/she would like to see done on his product without any constraints of imagination, color or other detail which would necessarily be blocking in the case of the first possibility. 

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