Modern Arabic calligraphy

We think that a lot of people will agree with this : oriental calligraphy is one of the most elegant lettering of the world. The famous graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman invented the word « Calligraffiti » to define street art creations based on calligraphie or Calligraphic creations inspired by graffiti art. But Shoe didn’t used arabic calligraphy and except El Seed, Marko93 & Efaz, there are not so many street artist using that king of style. Hamou is a very talented artist who mix in his creations geometric forms and arabic calligraphy.
In this commission, he was very free to paint on the wall however he wanted. So he chose to paint geometric forms in the background, using very powerful colors. In the forefront he painted a beautiful white arabic calligraphy. We love this original and modern result which totally correspond with Dubaï energy and state of mind.

ClientConfidentialServicesModern calligraphic exterior designYear2017

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