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In our modern societies, especially big cities like Dubaï, people are spending a lot of time at work, in their office. Hundreds of buildings are forming the cityscape of which is one of the biggest town of Middle East. There are not si much companies that are taking care of the place where its employees are working every day. However, it’s a real and interesting point of concentration of life. A lot of people are spending a big part of their lifetime here, laughing, crying, meeting friends, husband or wife… As the « Grottes de Lascaux » in France, some people are thinking that Graffiti art should be considered as a witness of humanity. So why a Space concentrating so much people and Life should have « dead surfaces » with only white walls ? Why can’t we imagine all the buildings of Dubaï covered (inside and outside) by colors and shape representing its people, brands and stories ? Let’s imagine that world together…

In interior design as in fashion and all type of creations, there are trends. Since 2/3 years and all around the world, geometric and abstract composition are very requested by art galeries, brands & institutions interested by street art. So a lot of artists from graffiti evolved in this direction, with more or less success… In general, we observed that a large majority of the public appreciate figurative production like portraits & stencils. But we see a lot of advantages in that kind of creations. First, it’s a type of art completely universal. Whatever who you are, where you from, you age…etc it’s all about harmony and equality. Simple Shapes (usually geometric) are used together to produce (or not) a reaction or feeling in you. Furthermore, the aspect of these murals is often very modern, even a few years later.

Maybe we have an explanation of the come back of abstract geometric in Middle East interior design trend.
We observed that decades ago, almost all graffiti murals were figurative, representing great scenes with landscapes / complex backgrounds with many details. Maybe we are entering in a « Less is More «  era where simple shapes are preferred to the sophisticated ones. What if our eyes would be bored and needs to come back to pure forms ? Something like a graphical airing ?

We are proud to present you this project where the final creation is completely consistent with the company, the space and all its elements around : colors, forms, patterns… Even the textures because we reproduced with paint exactly the same textures of elements présents to the other side of the office, for example a beautiful yellow vintage phone box.
There was also a reflection about the compatibility between the sector of activity of the company (very oriented on IT and technology ) and the style and colors used on this mural. A very nice example of how a graffiti influenced production can be used to create a modern and original interior design.

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