Today more than ever, there are a multitude of brands of spray paint cans from different countries with different qualities and possible uses. However in France there are some brands that stand out from the crowd and that we are more likely to use than others. In spite of the recent arrival of new brands such as « Loops » or the Italian brand « Kobra » which has given itself a new lease of life in recent years, there are still the two undisputed and unchallenged leaders: Montana Cans the German and also and above all Montana MTN the Spanish, which seems to have taken the lead since the release of two of its flagship products: the 94 MTN spray can for the classic use of graffiti outdoors. But also and above all the Montana Water Based which is more and more used by professional artists but also by amateurs because of its so-called « ecological » and odorless qualities.

The Montana Water based spray paint can

It is for us THE successful product of the last few years and for different reasons. First of all in terms of safety because the fact that it sprays almost no solvent into the air and no detectable odors makes it a spray paint can that stands out from the crowd and that goes in the direction of safety (both artists but also people exposed to its projections, especially in the context of festivals and demonstrations events). Second point (and this is the aspect that is increasingly talking to the administrations and organizations with which we are led to collaborate): the ecological dimension. The paint spray in its history has a very bad reputation (like all other aerosols) because of its composition and its role in the destruction of the ozone layer. A lot of work has been done since the 90s to make the components of aerosol cans « ecologically friendly » and preserve the ozone layer as much as possible. But in the case of the paint spray can we are talking about, the approach goes even further with a product that is not very harmful and that uses mainly water.

A spay bomb recommended by Graffiti Dubai

We therefore totally recommend this product to all those people who might want to buy spray paints for a decoration project or even a workshop with children. An effective way to expose all these people as little as possible to dangerous products. All the more so as the quality of this spray paint can is quite respectable: the covering power is there and the colors proposed are very nice so far. 

The only thing we had a problem with was the very limited range of colors, but the manufacturers, in view of this product’s success, are in the process of resolving the problem, and it is very likely that we will have a very rich range of colors in a few years’ time.

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