This is so far the best art shop we had the opportunity to discover during our explorations in the wonderful city of Dubai. Indeed, this shop (which is not very large compared to the huge art stores that exist in other major capitals of the world) offers a large choices of tools and essential accessories for painters and artists and different medias. Whether it’s classical painters who use acrylics and brushes, or graffiti artists and street artists who use spray cans (the store offers many colors and ranges of spray paints for different uses. From simple paints to more specific, such as ceramics, fabric or glass.

Everything for the artists

Whether for the visual arts, fine arts or even graphic arts, you will certainly find the equipment you need in this shop located in the basement of the Dubai Mall, in the heart of the city.

Feel free to send us your feedback on the materials you would have purchased in this shop so that you can share your experience with as many people as possible and also allow us to choose the appropriate materials in our future projects in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and its region.


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Canvas Art Store
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