The talented artists from our team do not only use spray paint. They also use a lot of acrylic paint especially for calligraphic works on canvas or sometime on walls. If you live in Dubai, you will certainly have noticed that EVERYTHING is possible in this city. And if you take your time to search something everywhere, you definitely gonna find it ! 

Canvas Art Store: The art shop in Dubai

We are focus today only on acrylic and oil painting but you have to know that you can easily find other types of painting in the store. Located in the basement of the famous Dubai Mall, the « Canvas Art Store » offers a wide range of paintings. All ranges and major brands dedicated to Art are represented : Liquitex (which also offers a range of spray paints: high price but high quality pigments and especially no unpleasant odors), Golden or the French brand « Lefranc & Bourgeois » that our French artists friends know well !

All you need for artists based in the United Arab Emirates

Even if it is not as big as the huge art « supermarket » that we usually find in the european capitals, we must recognize that this store offers quality products that will satisfy many artists in Dubai and its region. Until recently, it was impossible to find this type of artistic material so easily. We particularly recommend these paintings for your projects on canvases and small formats. For big walls, it may be a little bit expensive !

Feel free to come back on this blog to benefit from our practical advices and tips, especially for Street Art and Graffiti.

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Art shop in Dubai
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Fine Acrylic in Dubai
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